Table Tipping

What is table tipping?

If you have ever wantedd to “touch” spirit, the technique of table tipping will bring you as close as you will ever get.  In table tipping, a small table is used as a physical tool to communicate with beings in spirit – on “the other side.”

It is somewhat of a lost art, and originated in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Today’s version is a bit more updated and evolved.  It is meant to be a positive =, uplifting experience where you not only feel spirit’s energy, but you receive insight and guidance from them as well.

How does it work?

In a private session, the medium sits on one side of the table and the person receiving the reading sits across from them.  Each person places one hand on the table, but just a light touch.  The medium does a special blessong, calls in their spirit guide and the session begins.  The table begins to move – but neither participant is pushing it – it is spirit doing the work.  We all have guides and teachers in spirit who are anxious to talk to you through this unique format.  The medium is trained in the proper way to ask questions – and spirit answers appropriately, by moving the table one way for “yes” and another way for “no.”  For more involved answers, the medium receives the information in pictures, images, words, or in a feeling (it is a form of channeling and the medium also has psychic abilities).  Each spirit guide or teacher that comes on the tables identifies themselves with a name and how they are helping in our lives and offers personal guidance.  You always have free will whether or not to take any of their advice!

Can I contact relatives or loved ones on the other side through table tipping?

The answer is yes, BUT not all relatives or loved ones that have passed are able to come through.  If they are not able to, you will be told why.  If they cannot, usually a guide can at least check in on how their transition was and if they are able to come through in the future.

Can table tipping be done with a group?

Yes, definitely and the group experience can be quite fun!  Because of the size of the table and the time restraint (it can be quite draining for the medium), usually a group consists of a maximum of six people.